About Us

Let’s Talk Cupcakes are handcrafted using the finest ingredients. Inspired by the rich, sweet flavors found in the hospitable kitchens, Let’s Talk Cupcakes and other baked goods are irresistible blends of comfort-style classics and metropolitan style artistry. Delivered straight to your front door and perfect for every occasion Let’s Talk Cupcakes and our other delicious products welcome you with every bite.

We use the best ingredients and hand make all our cupcakes to ensure that they are delicious every time. We use real Madagascan vanilla, real butter, free range eggs, high quality and fair trade cocoas, flours and sugars, lovely fresh lemons, real chocolate ganache, fresh whipped cream and real fruit preserves. We pride ourselves on our personal touch and ensure that our cakes really do taste as good as they look. A glamorous cupcake needs to taste amazing and if you don’t get a little bit on your nose or want to lick the case we haven’t done our job properly.

We truly believe that the world would be a better place if cake were compulsory at all events – it’s hard to be cross with someone when they have a sprinkle stuck to their cheek!